Copper Mountain Lift Pass / Tickets

Copper Mountain has a few different types of lift passes & tickets. There are Regular Lift Tickets, Secret Lift Passes, Four Passes (Old Transfour passes), and Seasons Passes. All these offer access to all of the Mountains lifts but only Secret Lift Passes allow priority access to Lift lines.

Regular Lift Tickets:

Copper Mountains regular lift tickets allow access to all chair lifts on any date. This lift ticket is sold at the ticket window, or pre-purchased at a discount if your lodging is not Secret Lift Pass eligible. Waiting till you arrive & purchasing from the ticket window will always be more expensive then pre-booking your tickets, and will be  non-Secret Lift Passes. 

Secret Lift Passes:

What is a Secret!Pass /ticket?
The Copper Mountain Secret!Pass is Copper’s version of a Disney Fast Pass or ski school line that offers priority access to lift lines, in front of ALL other pass & ticket holders. It is a computer generated plastic card that operates a robotic gate at 7 of the mountains lifts. It works like a singles line that feeds into the regular lift line. At the lift the attendant facilitates the merging process. To use the Secret gate, you must look for the large yellow flag, then ski down the Secret!Pass designated line. Your group will gather up just before the lift. During busy times, the Secret!Pass will save up to 20 min per run (see the pictures below to see what the lines are like on busy days). It also allows 15 min early access to the entire mountain, which is fun for first tracks on powder days. Secret!Pass gates are stationed at all main base lifts and a few busier lifts up the mountain. This includes American Eagle and American Flyer lifts in Center Village, The Super Bee lift in East Village, The Kokomo and High Point lifts in Union Creek, and the Excelerator and Timberline Express lifts on the upper mountain. 

During slow ski times such as early December, January mid week, etc. the Secret!Pass advantage will not be noticed to much, but around holidays, weekends or event days, it’s a must have for Copper Mountain. When you purchase in advance from an authorized source, it’s the same price as a regular lift pass or ticket. A Secret!Pass is good for the number of days purchased, within any 7 days from issue. The computer tracks days used, so if you want to take 1, 2, 3 days off at anytime, no worries. Like all passes & tickets, there are no refunds for unused days. So now the only question is "How Can I get a Secret!Pass Lift Ticket?" 
There are 2 ways for Copper Mountain lodging guests to purchase Secret!Pass Lift Tickets:

1. You purchase your lift tickets with authorized lodging partners. Note this does not include private owners that rent out their condos or properties not located within Copper Mountain Resort.

2. You can upgrade your regular ticket at the ticket window for approx $25-$30/day/person, which at busy times may be worth the time saved in line-ups.

Check out this Secret!Pass rates link: Copper Mountain Secret!Passes

Insider Tip: When checking if your lodging unit is Secret!Pass Lift eligible, also ask if it includes kids ski free Secret!Pass (12 & under) or complimentary Athletic Center Passes. This is the Olympic Pool, Hot Tubs/sauna, full work-out area, spa treatments (extra cost). It is a short shuttle from both Center & East village, but is a fun place to visit for a night or two out. Kids love the huge pool, warm air and can be easily supervised from the pool deck or Hot Tubs. The only other pool at Copper is at The Cirque condos. 

Four Passes:

What is a Copper Four Pass or Trans Four Pass?
On sale at select Colorado locations from Sept 1 to about the end of November, Copper Mountain has non-Secret!Pass Lift tickets good for 4 days thru the year.  A similar pass exists for Winter Park. They offer good value, but must be purchased in person at select Denver/Boulder & Colorado locations. The Trans Four is now discontinued. It was transferrable between guests and between Copper Mt & Winter Park Resort, but this product no longer exists. 

Seasons Passes:

There are 3 different types of Seasons Pass for Copper Mountain and it’s Sister Resorts.

a) Copper Mountain Season Pass (Unlimited Copper Mt ski/ride).
b) Rocky Mountain Super Pass (Unlimited Copper Mt & Winter Park ski/ride)
c) Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus (Unlimited Copper Mountain & Winter Park + 6 days at Steamboat)

Seasons Pass Holders get a few perks, with the main one being 10 x $55/day Friends and Family passes that can be used anytime during the season. 


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