The East Village at Copper Mountain

The East Village at Copper is Smaller than the main village (Center Village) but tends to cater to a more adult crowd compared to the Center Village. This is due to the fact that this is where most of the expert ski runs are located. Although the East Village is smaller then the Center Village if you are looking for easy access to the advanced or expert runs this is a great place to stay. As Copper Mountain is not that big you have easy access via shuttle to the Center Village during the evening for shopping and dinning. 
Most apartment style condos in East Village are older (about 35 yrs), with some buildings having been renovated, and others not. Condo units vary considerably, with some having updated kitchens & baths, and others not. The newest building is Copper Springs Lodge, across the street from the lift. There are nice townhomes at Elk Run, and VERY upscale private homes and townhomes in The Legends & The Masters.
The East Village has one main high speed six passenger lift that is called the SuperBee lift. This lift takes you up around the Copper Peak area, from there you will have access to most of the blue & black runs as well as quick access to the back bowls. Copper is split naturally by mountain valleys, with the more difficult expert runs in the east, the easiest beginner runs to the west, and intermediate/beginner runs in the center.

Copper Mountains East Village Views of the East Village Ski Runs at Copper Mountain Copper Station in the East Village at Copper Mountain


The East Village Map 

The Lodging map of the East Village shows that most of the buildings are concentrated around the Super Bee lift and around the Main Copper Station building where all of the retail shopping and dining is in the East Village. You will see to the east of the main lodging are is where all of the larger homes and townhomes are, these are a great options for large groups or families but do not have a shuttle service and can be a bit of a walk to the lifts. Most lodging in Copper Resort is not more than a 5-7 minute walk to a Ski Lift or Shuttle.

East Village Map of Copper Mountain Colorado

1. Elk Run T/H 2. Foxpine 3. Snowflake
4. Copper Springs 5. Village Point 6. The Greens
7. Wheeler House 8. Anaconda 9. Peregrine
10. Summit House East 11. The Masters Homes 12. The Legends T/H
13. The Woods T/H    


To better understand how The East Village, The Center Village & Union Creek areas connect, click this Trail Map link: Copper Mountain Trail Map 

Or... If you imagine facing the mountain from Center Village, the East Village (mostly Intermediate & Expert Runs) is to the left of the Center Village and Union Creek (mostly Beginner Runs) is to the right of the Center Village... all of which are connected via lifts and the free resort shuttle system. The shuttle runs every 15-20 min and it takes about 5 minutes to travel between each village.

Measurments Below: All of the measuments below are in yards. The distances to the lifts are measured from the door of the buildings to the Super Bee lift (unless otherwise indicated below). The distances to the Village are measured from the door to the closest entry point into the shopping and dining area in the East Village at Copper. This is just to give you a good idea of how long you will walk for skiing and for shopping and dining.


Elk Run Townhomes:

Distance To Lifts: Ski in / Walk out
Distance to Village: 100 yards

Elk Run Townhomes in the East Village of Copper Mountain

The Elk Run Townhomes are a good location, with only a 2-3 min walk to Super Bee lift, when you walk up a slight grade on the mountain side of the buildings. You can ski in for lunch or at the end of day. Most are 4 Peaks, 2 level townhomes range from 1 to 4 bedrooms units.  That could mean climbing stairs if it's a one or two bedroom unit, as smaller units tend to be on the upper floors with no elevators.  There are six buildings altogether. These townhomes were built as upscale lodging but built earlier than the newer condos in Copper Springs Lodge. They are spacious and owner décor varies by unit. Unless renovated the kitchen will be an older style with the white appliances. All the 3 & 4 Bedrooms have washers and dryers plus their own garage to park your car and store your gear.

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Distance To Lifts: Ski in/ski out
Distance to Village: 50 yards

Foxpine is Ski In and Out to the Super Bee Lift in the East Village at Copper Mountain Resort

Foxpine is a great ski in & ski out location, with less than a minute walk to the Super Bee Lift! This building does have a Hot Tub, which is a fairly decent size and located on the mountain side of the building. The Double Diamond Steak House is located on the ground floor which is a nice upscale casual dinning option. Most units in Foxpine have outdoor decks, which is the perfect way to enjoy an après-ski drink........sitting on your deck watching the skiers schoosh down the mountain. Because this is one of the older buildings at Copper you can expect some of the units that have not been updated to be quite old, with 80 furniture!  

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Distance To Lifts: Ski in/Ski out
Distance to Village: 25 yards

Snow Flake Buildings is at the Super Bee Lift in the East Village at Copper Mountain

The Snowflake building is a favorite building that we recommend to friends. It is a great ski in & ski out location with awesome views of the skiers coming down the mountain. The major downside is there is that there is no Hot Tub in this building. Snowflake was built in 1973 so don't expect too much when you walk into the lobby, it is looking its age.  A ski shop is accessible from the outside of the building in the winter and golf shop in the summer. This building has some great units that sleep extra people and even a 5 Bedroom unit that has 6 Queen Beds. Snowflake is so close you can stumble out your door and Be at the Super Bee lift! This is another building that has some older units that have not been updated. This building is the best for families or groups that want quick access to the Superbee lift and want that Ski in and Ski out location.

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Copper Springs:

Distance To Lifts: 150 yards
Distance to Village: 55 yards

Copper Springs Lodge in the East Village at Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Copper Springs is the only Gold Rated Condos that are located in the East Village at Copper. Built in 1998 the Copper Springs Lodge is actually one of the largest complexs at Copper Mountain. The Copper Springs building consists of one to five bedroom condos. The Copper Springs building has 2 outdoor hot tubs, a full workout facility, and a common area with a pool table. This building also has Underground heated parking with a ski and snowboard tune up bench and ski lockers.  Copper Springs is about 150 yards to the Super Bee lift in the East Village and the shuttle stop is right outside the door to take you to the Center Village or to Ski School in Union Creek. All in all this is a great building to stay in, you can usually find a good deal on the east village at copper and this building in so convienient you will not be disapointed. 

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Village Point:

Distance To Lifts: Ski in/75-125 yards to lifts
Distance to Village: 75 yards

Village Point in the East Village of Copper Mountain Colorado

Village Point is another great ski in location. It's just to the left of the Super Bee Chair when looking towards the mountain. As this is a larger complex it depends on what unit you are in as to how far away you are, although all of the units are really close to the Super Bee Lift. Village Point also has a great built in hot tub which is a decent size and has great view towards the ski runs. All of th units have great outdoor balconies, with the Mountian and the Ten Mile range there are no bad views from here! There are four buildings that make up Village Point and they border the 10th fairway of Copper Creek Golf Course and the tubing hill. This is definitely one of the buildings I would consider staying in!

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The Greens:

Distance To Lifts: 150 yard
Distance to Village: 80 yards

The Greens is about a 3-4 minute walk to the Super Bee Chair. Walk through the front outdoor parking lot and along the sidewalk to the lift. Some units have a nice view towards the Ten Mile Range and some towards the ski mountain. There is no hot tub in this building. These units are usually a good value if you are wanting to stay at Copper Mountain in the East Village. These units are also good if you are trying to avoid the nightime noise of the Village or the Snowcats.

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Wheeler House:

Distance To Lifts: 250 yards
Distance to Village: 150 yards

Wheeler House is about a 4 minute walk to the lifts. At the end of the day you can ski over to the Elk Run Townhomes and shorten the walk by a couple of minutes. Most units have glass enclosed balconies. In the summer there is a small deck out back of the building on the fairway with a sitting area. There are only two and three bedroom units in this building. Overall this is not a bad lodging option, but the building has no Hot Tub. As the prices for rentals tend to be lower in Wheeler House the building offers good value & economy.

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Distance To Lifts: 200 yards
Distance to Village: 115 yards

Anaconda is an unusual looking complex that is made up of four buildings. Two of the buildings are connected by an outdoor cat walk. There are only 24 units in total, mostly larger 2 to 4 bedroom units. Anaconda has a nice large outdoor hot tub!  The Anaconda buildings border the 8th fairway of the Copper Creek Golf Course. This is not a bad location and only a 3-4 minute walk to the Super Bee Express Chair. Just cross the street and walk between the Foxpine Inn and Snowflake to the lifts.

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Distance To Lifts: 225 yards
Distance to Village: 75 yards

The Peregrine building has a total of 36 units, ranging from studios to 3 bedrooms. There are a lot of Studios in this building, that offer great value if you dont need much but would like a spot to make breakfast! Peregrin has a nice outdoor hot tub which has great views of the mountains and the Copper Creek golf course. Peregrine is located next to the Anaconda and it is approx a 5 minute walk to the Super Bee Lift. From this building you have quick access to the Copper Mountain Shuttle Stop in the East Village if you are trying to get to Ski School or the Center Village.  

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Summit House East:

Distance To Lifts: 250 yards
Distance to Village: 175 yards

The Summit House East building is the first one you come to when entering the East Village off the main roadway on Wheeler Place Road. This makes it one of the furthest from the chair lift. It is a 5-6 minute walk to the Super Bee Chair. If you don't have any little kids to wald to the lifts with, consider this building, as many have 2 Queens each bedroom and sleep a pile of people. Some are nicely renovated.  It's not my first choice but offers good value for a large family. The hot tub is your typical above ground small 6-8 person tub, on a deck facing towards the ski mountain and Ten Mile Range but part of your view is of the Peregrine condos next door. Next to the hot tub is a BBQ and seating area big enough for one family. 

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The Masters Homes:

Distance To Village & Lifts: Check when Booking as units are spread out

The Masters Homes are some of the few stand alone homes in Copper Mt. The others being located at Lewis Ranch in Union Creek, off the beginner runs. There are 24 Master Homes. They were sold as "Ski In/Out" but are not true "Ski In/Out" by Copper standards. You can ski back to most of them at the end of the day, however, you need to pay attention and know where you going to ensure you take the right trail back. Some are across the road from being ski in access. At the start of the day you can walk across the fairway to the tubing hill, jump on the tubing carpet. These homes have special permission to use then gain enough elevation to ski over to the Super Bee chairlift. These homes range from 3,100 sq ft to over 4,000 sq ft so are your most spacious option in the East Village and Copper Mt in general. All have washer and dryers and a private garage.  

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The Legends Townhomes:

Distance To Village & Lifts: Check when Booking as units are spread out

The Ledgends Townhomes are gold rated executive 4 Bedrooms that are generous in size (2,200 to 2,700 sq ft) and have their own one car garage. Very nice homes, but not a great location. Varied walking distances (as close as 5 minutes, or as far as a 10 minute walk to lifts).  Unlike Elk Run which is up against the mountain and quite compact and close together, these are very spread out and can vary greatly in distance from the lifts. There is no shuttle serving this area so you may want to drive to pay parking ($10/day) or drive to the free shuttle (free parking).   

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The Woods Townhomes:

Distance To Village & Lifts: Check when Booking as units are spread out

The Woods townhomes include two, three and four bedroom units and include a one car garage. These townhomes are not in a good location, with between a 5 to 10 minute walk to lifts, depending on location.  In some cases you might be closer to the Alpine lot where you can walk over and catch the free shuttle. These townhomes are great for a large family or group who are good skiers and just like to hang in your own space at night. These units do offer great views and are surrounded by the ten Mile Range, Copper Ski Mountain and they are located on Copper Creek Golf Course.

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